Are Sphynx Hypoallergenic?


There is not a breed of cat that is completely is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic simply means low allergen where the animal typically produces very few allergens. The allergen that causes the body to react for allergy sufferers is a protein (Fel D1). This protein is actually produced in the cat’s saliva. Because Sphynx are almost hairless they have less surface and problem areas for the allergen to be transferred to. This does not in any way mean however, that the Sphynx do not produce this protein in their saliva. About 1 in 10 people actually suffer from allergies and it is twice more common to suffer from a cat allergy than a dog allergy. Male cats tend to produce more reactions as well due to their testosterone levels increasing the protein levels in the saliva. Sphynx cats can cause less allergic reactions because they don’t have the hair for the saliva to stick to or shedding of the hair to lay on the surfaces such as clothing and furniture. However no cat or animal is totally hypoallergenic. To reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, we recommend frequent bathing. Cleaning the Sphynx ears, toenails, removing oils, dander, and protein will ease your symptoms. Wash your Sphynx toys and bedding as well as your own frequently. Remembering the simple step of washing your hands before you touch your face or eyes can also make a big difference for the typical allergy sufferer. D’Nile Sphynx strongly recommends at least one but preferably several test visits to see how each member of your family will react regarding allergies with the Sphynx breed. Many people that suffer from cat allergies can successfully live with the Sphynx breed with no or very little reactions.