What Defines A Responsible Breeder



It's important to always remember that you are not just buying a pet kitten; you are buying a loving family member who may be with you for the next 20 years. D’Nile Sphynx would like to help you determine if we are the right breeder for you. Give us a call, and we can talk about setting up an appointment to visit with our kittens in person. There will be times when the kittens are unable to have visitors due to their immature immune systems. We appreciate your patience and respect for our kittens’ health and safety. If you are handicapped and require special accommodations, we will make every reasonable effort to assist you. Regardless of which cattery you choose to visit, please check the cleanliness of the environment where the cats are kept. When checking for a good breeder, it is also important to look at the overall health of all the cats in the cattery, and not just the kitten you are interested in. Is there fresh bedding? Are the litter boxes scooped? Is there fresh food and water available? Are mom and dad on site and can you see them? How long have they been breeding and are they educated about general cat health as well as the special unique qualities of Sphynx cats? Make sure the kitten is alert and curious. You want a healthy, well-adjusted kitten who will integrate well into your everyday life. D’Nile Sphynx is very concerned that each of our kittens goes to loving homes and we will likely ask you just as many questions as you have us. Remember, we welcome all questions! Don’t forget to ask for the parents’ pedigree papers and health records. The Sphynx breed is vulnerable to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and most reputable breeders scan their cats for HCM. D’Nile Sphynx HCM scans our breeders yearly and will be happy to show you the results of those scans and send the results home with you for your records. D’Nile Sphynx also fully DNA profiles our cats and is happy to send copies of these papers home with your purchased kitten as well. DNA profiling testing is important as it identifies if your kitten’s parents carry the genes for congenital or genetic diseases. Please note that we perform DNA and HCM testing on our adult breeding cats prior to breeding to help ensure that our kittens will be healthy and not carry congenital disorders.