• Testimonies

    "My family and I were thrilled to bring Charlie into our home and the process with D'Nile couldn't have been easier. She was always so accommodating, allowing us to visit as often as we liked and offering advice and knowledge throughout the process. She taught us the ins and outs of what we would need to know in order to provide Charlie the happiest and healthiest home. Adopting through her wasn't like a business transaction but more like going through a friend. The cats of the home are incredibly friendly and would always greet us at the door and follow us as we left. This was a huge indication of how happy the home was and how that would translate to our new kitten's personality. They took the time to find out what kind of home we had and what personality of kitten would fit best with us, which ended up being the perfect fit. I am so grateful to have met her and be a part of her Sphynx family. I would gladly recommend her to friends and family and we would never dream of going to anyone else if we decide to adopt another kitten."

  • Breeder's Knowledge

    Each Kitten Is A Culmintiaon Of A Breeder's Knowledge

    D'Nile Sphynx encourages those seeking a Sphynx kitten to remember that if they purchase a Sphynx kitten from D’Nile Sphynx, they are purchasing a kitten raised with love whose birth was planned based on research, knowledge and a tested history of health in its parental lines. D'Nile Sphynx is here to answer all the questions you might have about your kitten, and to assist you as it grows and changes throughout its development. If you have a concern or a behavioral problem or a question - we will do our best to assist you now and in the future. D’Nile Sphynx continues to attend local cat shows and learn more about the breed standards and feline medicine to continue to improve our knowledge on Sphynx care and health. We will encourage you to remain in contact with us and to allow us to pass on this important information to you as well.

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  • What to Expect

    It's important to always remember that you are not just buying a pet kitten; you are buying a loving family member who may be with you for the next 20 years. If you choose to own a Sphynx as a treasured companion, be prepared to have an inquisitive, fearless companion.

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Here at D’Nile Sphynx all of our kittens are raised as family members with constant social and
physical contact. D’Nile raises each kitten to be a future companion and family member. D’Nile
never cages any of its breeder cats or kittens, but instead encourages all of our cats to join
in all the family's household daily activities. D'Nile realizes the importance of quality and well-
adjusted kittens. We keep the number of our breeders small and breed only cats that have
been scanned for HCM. D’Nile hopes that every buyer will have many happy years with their 
D’Nile Sphynx. We feel that each kitten should closely follow the Sphynx breed standards. We
recognize personality and temperament are very important in creating a strong and permanent 
bond between each kitten and its new owner. D'Nile Sphynx would like to help each buyer find
their own special Sphynx today or in the future.